Lunar Hoops


3 years ago I created my first game, and looking today, I really have come a long way. At the start of me trying to make games, I knew nothing about game development. Funny thing is, the first thing I googled when I was starting was how to make a game engine. Quite embarrasing when I think about it today. I started with GameMaker, experimented with other software such as construct 2. I made quite a lot of progress with the very popular Unity, and used GameGuru for over 100 hours, before finally settling down with AppGameKit.

At the time of writing this, December 13th 2017 Lunar hoops is at 7700 lines of code for those who are interested. I'd say I could drop about 500 throughout the project from empty lines and another 1000-ish if my code was super efficient. But it is what it is for now.

Lunar Hoops Website

This website was also entirely made by me. The reason why I even start making it is because I had a website to design for my Web Development module in my first college. Everyone had to choose a topic for their website. I was very near to finishing this game so I thought I'd get two birds with one stone and design a page both for college and my apps community. Now in fairness, my procrastination did kick in heavily and I made this whole website in 7-8 hours two days before the due date, between 23.00 - 03.00. I was really happy with how it came out. At the start this page looked like web homework in high school but slowly it began to take shape. It started off like this.

Very basic looking. Slowly I structured the page into a navigation bar and middle content column. This is where I added my CSS coding nd it began to take shape.

Finally, it was finished and made into what you see today.