Lunar Hoops

Level Design

Currently there is one chapter with 50 levels. The second chapter is called "Zero Gravity" and of course, all levels have zero gravity. Instead of a hoop, the player has to launch the ball into a blackhole which sucks the ball in if it is close enough. At the day of release, this mode was complete however it was cut for version 1.0.0 due to the fact that levels are incredibly boring, time consuming and tedious to make, as well as the deadline that was looming over me. The planned chapters and levels are as follows:

  1. Introduction = 50 Levels
  2. Zero Gravity = 30 Levels
  3. Name tbd = 50 Levels
  4. RAGE = 60 Levels
  5. (paid levels) = 70 Levels

Extras main menu screen

This section always has my head scratching. What can I add here? It originally replaced a twitter logo, as I have no clue how to add facebook integration, let alone twitter. I was thinking of adding a section where you can rate the game for coins, adding a no ads option for 0.99 cents and a whole section called Speedrun where players all over the world could submit their fastest times of completing the game. The top 5 fastest times would be visible to all players If you want to learn more about speed-running, leaderboards, resources and forums can be found at