Lunar Hoops

Update 1.0.2

3rd Chapter released

The new update adds a new gamemode "Meteor Shower". It is a rather difficult gamemode as there is a meteor falling from the sky, and if the player comes into contact with it, the level gets reset.

Smoother gameplay

The game physics are now calculated based off timers, rather than framerate. This means that the game smoothness will be just as consistent on a brand new smartphone as it will be to a 2013 device. This is very important as there was many problems wth the previous versions of the game as they lagged too much making the game unplayable in some cases.

Update 1.0.1

New Chapter

This update finally adds chapter 2 ("Zero Gravity") into the game. It contains 20 levels and two new gameplay elements which will be implemented into future chapters.

Performance increase

From the main loop of the game I removed functions that perform calculations when they are not needed. Basicly, the game uses less processing power to run smoother. This is still far from perfect, and changes are quite minimal, but every bit of extra power is good.

The large boost in performance, however comes from the removal of particles that the user doesnt see. Examples of particles in this game include:

  1. Stars in the background
  2. Menu sparks
  3. Ball trails

The stars in the background were a very large memory hog. Each star had a lifespan of 300 seconds. While it took between 20-98 seconds for a star to move from the right of the screen to the left boundary, that is a lot of graphical power used for something the user can't see. By limiting this lifespan according to star speed, I removed up to 60% of particles without sacrificing any of the visuals.

Performance increase

The alien has a santa hat to get into the christmas spirit :D

Update 1.0.0

The very first release of Lunar Hoops. The result of over a year of stress, accomplishment and hard work has paid off. Except not really. There is still so much work to be done. This is only the tip of the iceberg of the development cycle. Still so much things to program, design and test. But for now I feel its worthy of a release.

Development of this game started in late 2016. It was based off of my first ever finished app, Ball Swing. The main goal here was to remake this game but with really organised code, improved graphics and with a greater selection of gameplay elements and levels.